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Legal Warning about

UPDATED ON JANUARY 1, 2020. According to European regulations of the General Regulation of Data Protection

- From one side, STD alert App, SMELL alert App, Intervention App, Bullying App y LICE alert App with email soporte@muyalerta.com and address in c/ CALZADA LATERAL DEL NORTE, 22. 35014 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (LAS PALMAS - Spain) as MUY ALERTA.

- On the other hand, the user, of legal age, as a USER.


That both parties have legal capacity and enough to act and, in case of not having it, will assume the responsibilities that may arise from the fiction of this contract. That both parties agree with the aforementioned legal capacity and act.

That both parties grant, freely and by mutual agreement, this LEGAL WARNING, which shall be governed by the following:


-> FIRST -OBJECT- MUY ALERTA It will provide an entertainment and leisure service that may include advertising and sponsorships of their own and/or third parties and register the profile data generated by the user to find matches with other users and put them in contact.

-> SECOND. -COMPROMISE OF THE USER- The USER acknowledges that by accepting and / or using any of the services represented, accepts that has read and accepts this LEGAL WARNING.

-> THIRD. -DURATION, PRICE AND FORM OF PAYMENT- The USER when using the service automatically generates an account to which all the information related to his user and behaviors that he makes are linked. This account is free and has an indefinite validity.

-> QUARTER. -EFFICIENCY OF THE CONTRACT- MUY ALERTA will respond to the quality of the work carried out with the due diligence expert in the realization of the works object of the Contract. MUY ALERTA when accessing data of a personal nature and of third parties, as the person in charge of processing, is obliged to comply with Law 3/2018, of December 5, on the Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of digital rights, Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data ("LOPD") and its development rules and European regulations of the General Data Protection Regulation. The USER accepts that the personal data he provides (including the options he selects on whether or not he accepts the sending of commercial communications) or later while he continues to be a user, as well as all the information generated during his navigation through the Website and through the use of the services offered on the Website, are incorporated into our data files. By transferring your data, you consent to the possibility of receiving advertising for all the services of MUY ALERTA. If you do not agree that your Personal Data be incorporated into the data file of MUY ALERTA or do not want us to send you emails or other communications, please let us know by clicking here MUY ALERTA. If you do not, we understand that you accept such incorporation. You may revoke, at any time and without retroactive character, your consent given for the incorporation of your Personal Data to the file of MUY ALERTA sending an e-mail to the address soporte@muyalerta.com in the indicated terms:

A. IDENTIFICATION OF THE RESPONSIBLE OF THE TREATMENT: David Rodríguez Sánchez. Postal Address: Calzada Lateral del Norte, 22. 35014, Las Palmas. Email: soporte@muyalerta.com.

B. INFORMATION AND CONSENT: By accepting this CONTRACT OF PROVISION OF SERVICES AND PRIVACY POLICY AND COOKIES, the USER remains informed and gives his free, informed, specific and unambiguous consent so that the personal data provided through the Web pages and/or Apps represented be treated by MUY ALERTA. The data requested in the forms of the Websites and applications are, unless in the required field specified otherwise, mandatory to meet the stated purposes. Therefore, if they are not provided or they are not provided correctly, they can not be attended to, without prejudice to the fact that they can freely view the content of the Websites and their applications.

C. PURPOSE OF THE TREATMENT AND DATA CONSERVATION DEADLINES: The Websites and their applications will treat the information provided by the USER through them, according to the following purposes:
- Managing the user's registration on the Website and allowing the user's identification.
- Managing the commercial relationship with the user.
- Understanding the needs, tastes and preferences of the users of websites and subscribers and thus design and offer the contents, products and services that best suit your interests.
- Design, plan and execute commercial actions using the integrated database of all customers, users of websites and subscribers for cross-treatment with the files of users or subscribers who wish to receive commercial communications from each group, for the delimitation and debugging of profiles and the enrichment of the database.

In this sense, the Personal Data may be used by MUY ALERTA to send the user by postal mail, email, SMS or WhatsApp message, information on news, events, products and own services or third parties. Sometimes, we use your personal information to show ads based on your interests related to features, products and services that may interest you. Most third-party devices also allow users to modify device permissions (for example, disable / access contact services). For most devices, those controls are in the device settings menu. If you have any questions about how to modify the permissions on devices manufactured by third parties, we recommend that you contact your mobile operator or the manufacturer of your device, as each device may have different permission settings.

The personal information provided is a fundamental part of this website and we do not participate in activities selling personal information to third parties. We only share personal information as described below:
- Related USER: We will provide your data to the profile with which our algorithm relates to you.
- Operations with Third Parties: We offer you services, products or applications managed by third parties. For example, App Store will store the download information of the App in its purchase history.
- Third Party Service Providers: for example our sponsors will be able to run email campaigns, perform data analysis and statistics, offer assistance of Marketing and / or offer search results. However, they will not have direct access to personal information, beingMUY ALERTA the one that we execute the requested functions or the exclusive access to the personal information necessary for the performance of the function without being able to be used for other purposes. In addition, they must treat personal information in accordance with this CONTRACT OF PROVISION OF SERVICES AND PRIVACY POLICY AND COOKIES and the applicable legislation on data protection.
- Developers: have access to your account and other information, can consult, configure your preferences or block your account in case of fraudulent use.
- Transmissions of Companies: As we develop our business, companies or services that can be acquired can be acquired. They could put in your knowledge. If MUY ALERTA or most of its assets are acquired by a third party, the personal information of the users would be one of the transferred assets.
- The personal data will be transferred when it is necessary for the fulfillment of the law, for compliance with a legal obligation of the data controller, for compliance with the Terms of Use or security, as well as for any of the legitimate reasons for this, in accordance with the regulations for the protection of personal data.
- Cross-border treatment: The transfer of personal data in the case of services provided in more than one Member State will be carried out in accordance with those established in this Privacy Policy and the applicable legislation in order to protect personal data. You can choose not to provide certain personal information, but in that case you may not have access to all of the available services.

We provide information in the following cases:
1.- Visit our web pages.
2.- Download the available apps on Android and/or iOS.
3.- Register on the web or applications.
4.- Visualize the web videos and contents of our social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Youtube, among others).
5.- Connect your personal contacts to the application.
6.- Complete the contact questionnaire on the Websites or its applications.

When performing the above actions, you are giving us personal information such as your name, phone number and payment information. Here are some examples of the information we collect and analyze:
- Internet IP address that you use to connect to the Internet with your computer or other device.
- Email and password for your account.
- Information about your computer, device and your Internet connection such as the application of the device or the version and type of your browser, the types and versions of your browser connection, operating system or time zone configuration.
- The location of your device or computer.
- Information regarding the interaction with the content, such as content viewing data, streaming broadcasts, and playback details, as well as network data for streaming quality and downloads, which includes information about your internet service provider.
- Parameters of devices, such as when a device is being used, use of applications, connectivity data and any errors or faults.
- The history of visits of web pages from, through and to our web page (including date and hour), cookie number, content that you have visited or searched, page response times, download errors, information about the interaction with the page (clicks, scroll through the page or number of times the mouse passes through) over certain elements).
- Telephone numbers or email used to contact our customer service. Some examples of information to which you have access from the user area: Personal information (including name, email, telephone number, password and communication preferences to terminate).

The processing of personal data of the USER shall have as its object the specified purposes, until the USER manifests its opposition or revocation of consent. The data of the USER will be kept for that purpose during the entire time in which the contractual relationship is in force and, even afterwards, for all the time required by the applicable legislation and until the possible responsibilities derived from the contract are prescribed, for the purposes of the formulation, exercise or defense of possible claims.

D. TYPOLOGY OF TREATED DATA: The Website and its applications will deal with the following categories of User data: Identifying data (name, surnames, ID, image), Contact data (mailing address, email address, password, telephone), personal characteristics data (date of birth, sex), data on social circumstances (marital status), data of a computer nature (Information on the device through which you access the Internet, its location and IP address, information related to interaction with content, etc.), academic and professional data (training, qualifications, etc.), details of employment (job position, etc.) and / or specially protected data (data on sexual life or sexual orientation). In the event that the USER provides data of third parties, he / she declares to have the consent of the owner of the same and undertakes to transfer the information contained in the CONTRACT OF PROVISION OF SERVICES AND PRIVACY POLICY AND COOKIES, exempting the Website and its applications of any responsibility in this regard. However, the Website and its applications may carry out periodic verifications to verify this fact, adopting the due diligence measures that correspond, in accordance with the data protection regulations.

E. LEGITIMATION OF DATA PROCESSING: The processing of the data of the interested party by MUY ALERTA to carry out the provision of the contracted services is based on the express and informed consent of the user of a third natural person. On the other hand, the processing of your data for the sending of commercial communications based on the preparation of a commercial profile is based on the consent of the CONTRACT OF PROVISION OF SERVICES AND PRIVACY POLICY AND COOKIES, which grants when using the service and / or access it. The treatment for conducting satisfaction surveys is based on the legitimate interest of the company. The consents obtained for the purposes mentioned are independent so that the USER may revoke only one of them, not affecting the others.

F. RESPONSIBILITY OF THE USER: The user guarantees that he is over 18 years of age and that the information he provides is true, exact, complete and updated. For these purposes, the USER is responsible for the truthfulness of all the data communicated and will keep the information provided in a timely manner, in a way that responds to their real situation. Guarantees that you have informed third parties of those who provide your data, if any, of the aspects contained in this document. It also guarantees that you have obtained your authorization to provide your data to MUY ALERTA for the purposes indicated. You will be responsible for false or inaccurate information provided through the Website and for any damages, direct or indirect, that this may cause to MUY ALERTA or to third parties.

G.- COMMERCIAL AND PROMOTIONAL COMMUNICATIONS: In the event that the USER wishes to stop receiving commercial or promotional communications from MUY ALERTA, can request the cancellation of the service through the link included in the electronic communication or by sending an email to the following address: email: soporte@muyalerta.com.

H.- USE OF COOKIES: We use session and third-party cookies to improve our services and display advertising related to your preferences so that the service can continue to be free through the analysis of your browsing habits. Session cookies are a type of cookies designed to collect and store data while the user accesses a web page. They are usually used to store information that only interests to keep for the provision of the service requested by the user on a single occasion (for example: a list of products purchased). Third party cookies are those that are sent to the user's terminal equipment from a computer or domain that is not managed by the publisher, but by another entity that processes the data obtained through the cookies. If you continue browsing, we consider that you accept the use. You can manage the configuration by accessing these links depending on the browser you use:
- Internet Explorer
- Chrome
- Safari (IOS): Edit> Preferences> Privacy> Block cookies (select "always").
. Mozilla Firefox.
- Opera.
- Android: Menu> More> Settings> Privacy settings.
- Blackberry.
- Windows Phone..

Below I detail the third parties that can configure and access persistent cookies on your computer from our website:
- Google: A cookie is a small piece of text that the websites you visit send to the browser and allow the website to remember information about your visit, such as your preferred language and other options, which may facilitate your next visit and make the site you find it more useful. Cookies play a very important role, because without them he used a much more frustrating experience. Google uses cookies for various purposes, including remembering your SafeSearch preferences, increasing the relevance of the ads or web you see, counting the number of visits we receive to access a page, helping you register for our services and protect your data You can see a list of the types of cookies used by Google, as well as discover how Google uses cookies in advertising. Our Privacy Policy explains how we protect your privacy in regards to the use of cookies and other information.
-Facebook: Cookies allow us to make Facebook a better, faster and safer place. Cookies help us, to enable certain functions. Provide a more personalized experience Protect the security of your account, the accounts of others and Facebook. Improve, publish and recognize the ads you see on Facebook and other websites. Investigate, improve and understand the use received by our products and services and those of our partners. As indicated in our Data Use Policy, we use cookies to show you ads on and off Facebook. We do not use cookies to create a profile of your browsing behavior on third-party sites and show you ads. However, we may use anonymous or aggregate data to improve general advertising and study, develop or test new or existing products or services.
-Twitter: Twitter uses cookies and other similar technologies, as pixels or local storage, to give you a better, faster and safer experience. Here you can see some of the ways in which Twitter services (which include our different web pages, SMS, API, email notifications, applications, buttons, widgets and ads) use these technologies: to log in to Twitter, save your preferences, customize the content you want to see, protect it against spam and abuse, and show you more relevant ads.

I.- RIGHTS OF USERS (Confidentiality and ARCO Rights): The Personal Data will be treated confidentially. For these purposes, HELLO SOLUTIONS will implement the necessary technical, organizational and security measures to avoid alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access to said data. When managing credit card data, we comply with the Data Security Standards with the Paypal secure payment gateway. We have physical, electronic and procedural security systems in relation to the collection, storage, and disclosure of personal information of the client. It is important that you protect yourself against unauthorized access by third parties to your password and to your devices and applications. Users may exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition ("ARCO Rights") limitation to the processing of the data and portability of the data by writing to MUY ALERTA, C/ Calzada Lateral del norte, 22. 35014, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, España, or to the email soporte@muyalerta.com, with the reference POLICY OF PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA, clearly indicating your name, surname and postal address and attaching a copy of your ID, passport or other identification document. You can access your data, including your name, email and profile data in the USER section. If you have any questions or objections regarding the way we collect and process your personal information, please contact us in the contact area. MUY ALERTA will respond to the request and inform the user about the measures taken within one month of receipt. This period may be extended a maximum of two additional months, if necessary, taking into account the complexity and number of requests, informing previously of said extension. MUY ALERTA respond to requests by the same channel used by the user, unless otherwise provided. Likewise, the user may Claim before the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (AEPD), through the web www.aepd.es or by writing to the General Subdirectorate of Data Inspection of the AEPD, Jorge Juan Street, 6-28001- Madrid, when it considers that MUY ALERTA has violated the rights that are recognized by the applicable regulations on data protection. We keep your personal information so that you can use the Services of MUY ALERTA continuously and for the time necessary to fulfill the purposes described. Our activities are evolving and our LEGAL WARNING may change. We recommend that you visit us to see the most recent changes. Unless otherwise stated, our current SERVICE AND PRIVACY POLICY AND COOKIES CONTRACT will apply to all personal information we discuss regarding you and your account. Anyway, we are faithful to our word and in no case would we substantially modify our policies or practices to make them less effective in protecting the personal information of our users collected in the past, unless we had the prior consent of the affected users. . The user must provide truthful information regarding their Personal Data and keep these data duly updated, and must communicate any changes that may occur in them through any of the channels indicated above. Users who provide false data may be excluded, without prejudice to other actions that proceed in Law. The Website, and the services offered through it, are aimed at persons over eighteen (18) years of age. If MUY ALERTA suspect, be aware at any time or come to know that a person under fourteen (14) years has registered to use the services offered through the Website, will proceed immediately to cancel the registration and prevent access or use of the services by that person. As detailed in this Privacy Notice, we sometimes share personal information with third parties so they can provide services on our behalf. If we transfer personal information received under the Privacy Shield to any third party, the access, treatment and disclosure of personal information made by said third party will also comply with our obligations derived from the Privacy Shield, and we will remain liable under the Privacy Shield of any breach of these obligations by the third party unless we prove we are not responsible for the event that caused the damage.

-> FIFTH -DAMAGE- MUY ALERTA will be responsible for any damage or contingency that regarding the contracted service occurs due to inexcusable negligence. This contract has a strictly civil nature, to provide services, therefore, excludes any relationship of an employment nature.

-> SIXTH. -INTEGRATION OF THE CONTRACT- In the event that some of the provisions of this Contract are not valid according to Law and / or its fulfillment is impossible, as well as in case of any inadvertence detected in its content, the effectiveness and validity of the remaining provisions will not be affected. contractual. In this sense, the contracting parties remain constrained, either in substitution of the provisions that prove ineffective and/or irrelevant, or to provide content for the omission in question, to determine the regulation that most closely approximates the purpose pursued by this contract.

-> SEVENTH. -MODIFICATION OF CONDITIONS- The parties may agree on possible modifications or alterations to this Contract, without thereby affecting the validity of the rest of the provisions not affected. Any modification to the content of the Contract, as well as the conclusion of agreements or additional agreements to it, will require the preparation of a documentary annex that will be subscribed by both parties in the terms and under the requirements foreseen for the rest of the Contract.

-> EIGHTH. -NOTIFICATIONS- All notifications that have to be made by virtue of what is established in this Contract, must be executed in a reliable manner, by any means of communication that leaves a record of the content and of the reception, in the addresses fixed in the heading of the Contract.

In the event that, during the term of this Agreement, any of the parties wishes to change the notification address, it must be communicated to the other in a reliable manner.

-> NINTH. -CONFLICT RESOLUTION-The parties involved, expressly waiving their own jurisdiction or that may belong to them, in any issues or litigation arising from the interpretation, application or enforcement of this contract are submitted for resolution to the Courts and Tribunals of the district that they were framed in the municipality of LAS PALMAS DE GRAN CANARIA.