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Do your children have Lice, Chickenpox, Mononucleosis or Gastroenteritis? Discreetly notify.
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Do your children have
Lice, Chickenpox...?

Notify your children's friends for free and anonymously on our App.


Send an anonimous, free and automatic message via SMS or email.

Sending messages
Sunday to Thursday

At the night in order before going to school.

Information about LICE alert App

Schools are places where bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms are amazingly spread. In this App you will be able to notify the most frequent and stigmatized infections to avoid uncomfortable situations at school.

You can prevent many of these infections, but it is possible your children will have some of these. Check these symptoms. If your children have one, get professional help and remember not to give pills to your children.

  • Infections
    > Lice: affect humans and are transmitted to close contact. The most common symptom is itching. When you see your children scratching the hair a lot, check if they have lice eggs (nits). They are whitish and stick strongly to the hair.

    > Chickenpox: itchy red dots. It is transmitted throught the air or close contact. Wests appear in four or five day... Children should stay at home until they get better.

    > Stomach flu: Diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, fever and punctures in the belly... When you do not feel so dizzy, try to drink liquid. And try to eat something solif after six or eight hours.

    > Mononucleosis: fever, fatigue, headache and swollen lymph nodes from one to two weeks. You can get professional help and get a test to prove it.
  • Information about notifications
    SMS/email notification is not done immediately and some messages can be deleted. The receiver will not receive any notification if one has already received a message over the last 30 days. SMS/email notification is designed so that the main part of the message does not appear on the waiting screen of the receiver’s mobile phone.

    SMS/email notification will be sent from Sunday to Thursday at around:
    > 20:00 (UTC+0): Canary Islands, London...
    > 21:00 (UTC+1): Madrid, París, Roma, Berlín...
    > 22:00 (UTC+2): Bucharest, Kyiv, Moscow...
    > 14:00 (UTC-6): Mexico D.F..
    > 15:00 (UTC-5): Quito, Lima, Havana, Bogota, Washington...
    > 16:00 (UTC-4): Caracas, Santo Domingo...
    > 17:00 (UTC-3): Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires...

    An example of the message that the receiver will receive below:

    Hello, your children may be in a risk of infection. Please notify other parents if is true. + info:
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  • Banning
    Your profile can be banned if an user (or more) warn your notification is fake. Please use this app responsibly.
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  • Information about the app
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