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Do you know people whose mouth smells badly or stink? Discreetly notify
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Do you know people whose
mouth smells badly or stink?

Notify them anonymously and for free by using our App.


Notify by sending an anonymous, free and automatic message via SMS and/or email.

Not instant

Your notification will be sent in the next hour you have made it in order to avoid to be seen by the receiver with you

Information about the SMELL Alert App
  • Information about notifications
    SMS/email notification is not done immediately and some messages can be deleted. The receiver will not receive any notification if one has already received a message over the last 30 days. SMS/email notification is designed so that the main part of the message does not appear on the waiting screen of the receiver’s mobile phone.

    An example of the message that the receiver will receive below:

    Hello, this message is only for informational purposes: a person close to you would like to notify you smell bad. + info:
  • Notifications
    If you download this App for the first time, you will get 2 free notifications. If you register with your email, you will get 3 free notifications. If you need more notifications, you can add 10 notifications for 0,99€ and 20 notifications for 1,50€ and 30 notifications for 1,99€.
  • Banning
    Your profile can be banned if an user (or more) warn your notification is fake. Please use this app responsibly.
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  • Information about the app
    It is very important for us that you vote positively for the 5-star: Android App.

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